Ready to make the Oil to Gas Boiler Conversion?

Benefits of Natural Gas

There are many benefits of natural gas as the choice to heat your home. These include:

  • More Affordable:  Natural gas is a low fuel option for heating your home when compared to oil heat, providing lower monthly energy bills.
  • Stability: According to the Energy Information Association, Annual Energy Outlook 2019 projects increased natural gas production and exports in a lower price environment, which could translate into significant savings when converting from oil to gas heat.
  • Reliability: Natural gas can be directly piped to houses which avoids having to coordinate delivery with oil.
  • Multi-purposed: Once you have a natural gas line connected to your home, you can use that energy for other appliances throughout your house such as fireplaces, grills and water heaters.
  • Green (More Environmentally Friendly): Natural gas has lower carbon emissions than oil which makes it more eco-friendly.

So! You have decided to move forward with converting your oil heat to gas. Now what?  (1) you either need a natural gas service line installed or (2) you already have a natural gas service line to your house but are not currently using it for heating.

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